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Indexed Universal Life SellingIncrease Your Sales With IUL

Now being offered exclusively for partners of Life & Annuity Masters, you will learn how to:

  • Position yourself as the Lead Advisor in the home
  • Present IUL as part of an overall Financially Balanced Plan
  • Double or triple your income with residual income on top of your commission
  • Eliminate the competition
  • Choose from several different lead programs
  • Offer greater value and services to your clients


Premier IUL Training from the Industry Expert

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, mastering success with IUL is the avenue for you. By partnering with Life & Annuity Masters, you will learn from our Top Producing Industry IUL Expert, Ken Ogan.

Ken Ogan


Ken has been in the Financial Services Industry for over 20 years, with an emphasis on Retirement and Estate Planning. He gets tremendous value out of helping his clients to implement financial plans to both improve their retirement and insure their lives and legacies. His product knowledge and experience in working with one of the largest custodians in the market; a household name firm, and some of the best money managers in the financial services business to create overall financial plans will position you as “The Lead Financial Advisor” for your clients. Ken has vast experience in the Advanced Markets arena working with high income and high net-worth clients. He is life licensed, and has a series 65 license and is an Investment Advisor Representative with Coastal Private Wealth Management.

Ken will show you how to present IUL as part of an overall financially balanced plan, how to uncover more of your clients’ assets, and partner you with a professional Investment Advisor when needed – all to help you secure the Lead Advisor role in the client’s home.


Field-Tested Presentation & Case Designs

We understand how critical case designs are to your success. Not only will Ken teach you his case designs, he will also give you access to the IUL sales presentation that has been field-tested and proven to increase your IUL sales. Ken and his team of experts have used these case designs, as well as his sales presentation, to place over $6 million/year in target IUL premium and refer millions to AUM (Assets Under Management).


No Additional Licensing Required

That’s right – your state life insurance license is the only licensing required to become a leading IUL expert. In the state of California, you can register as a “solicitor” with a RIA and build an income stream from AUM (Assets Under Management) much like financial professionals do; however, you will be leaving the costly E&O Coverage and Compliance to our referred Professional Investment Advisors.

Whether you want to become a “solicitor” or an “investment advisor representative” (IAR), Ken will partner with you to provide the tools you need to compete with financial professionals and never lose another IUL case or annuity sale to a competing advisor again. If you have considered making professional investment management services part of your practice, call Ken Ogan at Life & Annuity Masters, and leave your compliance concerns with our RIA and the Investment Advisors.


Advanced & International Markets - Sophisticated Strategies & Case Design Support

Over the past years, in addition to my work to grow our Advanced Markets in the U.S. we have also invested in aligning our approach to residents of other countries, distributors with international clients and emerging markets. The world is populated by high-net-worth individuals who need sophisticated planning solutions funded through products offered outside of their country of residence. In addition to leveraging our Advanced Marketing Partner's expertise, we have newly expanded International Underwriting access, with significant experience in underwriting foreign risks and focused on high-net-worth individuals interested in obtaining life insurance outside of their non-U.S. country of residence.

Through these relationships I look forward to assisting our partners in the field representing residents in Israel and certain countries in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe. In addition, we will continue to focus on addressing the needs of the emerging ethnic markets in the U.S. I look forward to assisting you along with our partners abilities to help you assist your high-income professionals and high-net-worth individuals in the U.S. and abroad build and implement sophisticated strategies for estate-tax reduction, income-tax savings and asset protection.


Feedback from our Agent Partners

Ken has been a huge help and is definitely one of the most knowledgeable Sales Trainers that I have come across when it comes to IUL’s and case design. It is a fairly large case and Ken has now put us in a position to capture and earn that business. 

 Eric S, CA

Ken is an amazing communicator. I have seen all of his training videos at Life and Annuity Masters, and I have to say that his classes are clear and easy to understand. With these trainings I have learned and acquired the confidence necessary to build a good source of business. I had been looking for this training and support, and I am so happy I found it in Ken Ogan.       
Sara P. Los Angeles Ca.

"I've been in Insurance for nearly 3 years and have been primarily focusing on Final Expense.  After deciding to partner up with LAAMINC and working with Ken, I've already signed up a $600/month IUL, that not only meets all of the specific needs of the client, but was straight forward enough for me to close with the help of Ken. In the week I was working with Ken, we must have spoken at least 3 times, and the item that sealed the deal was a price comparison chart that he got to me the same day we spoke!
So far my experience with working with Ken and the folks at LAAMINC has been nothing short of "exceeds expectations", and I'm very excited about our future partnership!!!!"

Keith M., North Carolina

I recently positioned a 30 year term product for 3 owners of a business I’ve had asa client for sometime. This would have come with a first year commission of $8,400 for all three partners on the buy sell agreements.  After talking the case through with the team at LAAM we identified an opportunity to position an IUL for the owners instead and they showed me why it could be a perfect fit and how to get them excited for it.  It checked all the boxes for my clients including their previously un met need for income later in life that they had actually planned to bring up with me in a few weeks.  My clients moved forward with enthusiasm on the IUL, a product that met the business needs and helped them plan for the future with better confidence.  In doing so that increased my commission to $60,000 with a very good chance of them increasing their plans as the business grows in future years.  

That 10 minute starter conversation with the team at LAAM was worth an additional $51,600 in commission to me on this one deal and has allowed me to already feel confident positioning this same strategy with several other clients in the past couple weeks. My clients are happy and pleased I brought them a creative solution to multiple needs in one fairly simple package. I highly recommend running your next case parameters by LAAM for a quick review and break down to see if there is a better fit you might be missing, it’s certainly worth 10 minutes.

David B., Ca

I have been in the insurance industry for some years trying to find my niche. I've done a lot of different things but still didn't find anything I felt really passionate about and I was tired of it being HARD. I'm good at what I do but I didn't want to keep doing things the way I was because it wasn't fun and I want my work to be FUN!!

When I found the IUL I knew THIS was the niche for me - tax free retirement planning. Every time I saw Ken Ogan's picture on Life & Annuity Masters website I would think "I need to call this guy!"

Finally we connected and it was like a god send! Everything he said was PERFECT to me. I had realized after 10 years in this industry what Ken Ogan had already learned and has been doing for a long time.

He showed me how to present the IUL and how to understand it fully. The more he taught me the more excited I got because this product is so amazing!

I called one of my clients this morning and went over his illustration that Ken and I had prepared and gone over the day before together. My client was completely BLOWN OUT!! He was so excited, so enthusiastic about this illustration and couldn't believe what this product would do for him.

It was SO FUN talking to him because he was so happy and thankful.  He said why isn't everyone doing this!!! I said I know!!!!

I am so happy Ken is there for me - he is helping me to take my business to the next level and I KNOW I'm going to have fun now!!!

Thank you.
Julie L, Florida

I was recently introduced to Ken and decided to view a few of his recorded webinars on using an overfunded IUL product for retirement purposes. In over 40 years in the business, I've never seen a more simplistic and thorough presentation than Ken's. His approach is extremely down to earth and easy for the prospect to understand. The client can see the difference of using any other financial vehicle and comparing to a competitve IUL product. I truly look forward to working with Ken and  taking my production to the next level.
– Mike B., CA

I'm very impressed with Ken's training on the Indexed Universal Life (IUL) product as well as his experience in case designs. He's proven to be knowledgeable in the product when it comes to wealth accumulations and preservation-prepare for retirement. Stay plugged in with his training, allow yourself to be mentored by him, and you will start to see your business transform from mediocre to profitability.

– David F., CA

I was able to use Ken's IUL training and submit my first two closes for $18,000 of commissions. The training is excellent and I have found each person I have spoken with at LAAM to be professional and helpful.

– John L., Kansas City

I had the pleasure to be introduced to Ken Ogan a few weeks ago. Ken introduced me to one of his strategies (overfunding an IUL for retirement). As a financial planner I was aware of this strategy and I saw a few presentations on it, but Ken's presentation made it so clear and easy to understand. What convinced me to offer this strategy to my business clients is how Ken uses his software to lay out the presentation scenario. I asked Ken to make a presentation to one of my clients. He did a great job in presenting this concept to my client. I feel very comfortable working with Ken and I look forward to writing more business with him.

– John R., NY

I attended Ken Ogan's IUL Webinar training several weeks ago and it was amazing to say the least. I took about 5 pages of notes and I watched the webinar replay over 10 times. I had a case that I was working on and I used the techniques and strategies Ken taught us on the Webinar; I ended up closing the sale and the client was blown away by my presentation. I highly recommend that you attend all of Ken Ogan’s trainings and that you apply the techniques and strategies offered … because they work, and I am living proof of that. Thanks again Ken.

– David E., GA

Thank you for your help with the tax-free retirement concept. I've played with it for many years but always had questions about the validity of the illustrations used. When I've asked about it previously I was continually told the software couldn't make what I thought would be a simple calculation. This always stopped my proceeding with using the concept. You immediately were able to illustrate what I was asking and answered my foundational question. With that issue satisfied, you then showed me a very simple user-friendly point of sale presentation. I'm in the process of learning to use it. I had considered the AUM positioning but have been reluctant to assume the responsibility and liability of becoming an IAR. I have never heard of a solicitor position allowing AUM. This would fit my preferences perfectly. Working with someone who has actually been so successful in the field using this strategy is a welcome addition to my valuable professional resources. With your continued support I look forward to becoming proficient in sharing the powerful idea of tax-free retirement and "safe money" management. Thank you for your willingness to share your experience, especially with no commission reduction.

– Steve C., AK

In the short time that I’ve had the privilege of training under Ken Ogan, my confidence and production with my clients has increased considerably. Teaming up with Ken has provided me with confidence, and he continues to provide his knowledge and experience that he has accumulated over 20 years practicing as “The Lead Advisor”.   

– John A., CA

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